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Hi everyone,

After insistence from friends, family and customers, I decided to finally started a blog. The purpose of this weekly blog is to provide a platform of River Nyle customers, colleagues, friends and family, and for anyone who would like to share newsworthy stories about all things natural, simple and real. Sharing experiences, ideas and encouraging each other to embrace a holistic journey.

To share a little about myself in this first post, I make natural skincare products and truly love it. I believe so much in the healing power of plants and herbs. Although there were challenging periods, the past two years have been a journey of becoming fearlessly me. I say this because for many years what passionately resonated within me differed from how I actually lived my everyday. Instead of heading to my corporate job every morning, I wanted to create healing blends with essential oils for others knowing that subtle changes in our daily regimen, such as using toxic-free skincare products, will reduce chances of illness and disease. Not to mention the therapeutic benefits of these oils are astounding.  And I eventually did just that. It wasn't an easy decision or process. I simplified my life in order to survive on a tight budget since my bi-weekly corporate salary ceased along with my stress, anxiety and at times, depression that came with my unfulfilling job.

I may work more hours now as a small business owner, but I feel this is where I am suppose to be. Life has become more of a journey, rather than a destination. I no longer anticipate my vacation days as a time to truly be myself. Although my work challenges and stresses still exist, they are outweighed by what simply feels good... creating natural therapeutic skincare blends that heal us.

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   Photo 1: At an organic farm helping to clear the fields for the next seasonal crop 

   Photo 2: At our weekly Thursday farmers market at Whole Foods. Educating a customer on the benefits of using our  Vanilla Almond Body and Skin Oil. It's smells so yummy too.  :))

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I hope you consider to join River Nyle's blogging community. I think you'd enjoy hanging out with us.

Anika Lopez
Anika Lopez


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